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(Warning: Alicia's Writings Contain Sexual Content! )
     (Alicia Talking) Poem Number 116 They Don't Know

     I Want To Be A Primative Beast Awaken Me Number 3 What Does It Mean?
Number 5 Number 6 That's All Folks Refuge In A Bottle
    Why Do They? (Written when I was 11 years old) Number 10 The Chameleon
Number 12 Number 13 Number 14 Number 15 Number 16
Number 17 Miscellaneous ESSAY Girl Called Sweetie Number 20
Metamorphosis Toilet Number 24
Number 25 Number 26 Number 27 Number 28a On The Edge
Within The Dancing Attention Ladies Number 31 Number 32
Uh-Oh Imposter Number 35 She Doesn't Even See You
Freak With A Gun Number 38 Number 39 Number 40
Wake Up Sleepy Head Ride's Over Harry Number 43 Number 44
Number 45 Number 46 Number 47 Number 48
Only She Knows Axis Poem Number 51 Number 52
Number 53 Sadness The Fatal Flaw (I wrote this at age 18) Number 56
Number 57 Number 58 Number 59 Jerk
Number 61 Number 62 Color My Picture Window Grey She & I
     God's Children Who Ate The Brownies? Truth & Consequences What You Need
Where Is God Big Red Like His Father Number 72
Number 73 Number 74 Number 75 Number 76 (I wrote this at age 26)
Number 77 Number 78 Litte White Men Number 80
Decisions Nothing Is Forever Number 83 Interpret It Yourself
So Confident Vampires The Separation Number 88
Number 89 Conflict Of Voices Number 91 Open Your Eyes
It Doesn't Matter You Fool If Only Number 95 Roses In The Desert
Beautiful (I wrote this at age 10) Number 98 Kiss Kiss Kiss
Number 100 Beckoned Honey From The Bee Upper Hand Number 105
Dark Hole Number 107 Number 108 Lose Weight Poem
Number 110 Cant Moth To A Flame
Number 114 Omar The Pug (mini song)