Some Of My Songs
( Note: All Songs were recorded on a Portable Cassette Recorder, so... )
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         Something In My Eye
         I'll Always Run To You When You Call
         I'd Rather Be With You
         Light of Day
         You Know It Strikes Me Funny You Should Ask
         Running From My Own Damnation
         You Wouldn't Want To Be Me
         Tell Me It Will Be OK ( I wrote this at age 15)
         Crazy Woman
         Sweet Release
          I wanna See How the Animals Live
          Running (I wrote this at age 16)
          You're Only In My Head
          What Is It That You Want From Me Baby?
          Erase The Hurts Of Yesterday (I wrote this at age 15)

         Take It All Away (The Cal-Alicia Song) (Part 1)

         Breathe My Life Right Back In (Cal-Alicia Song) (Part 2)